Thursday, November 12, 2009

"That chick is jackin' my style"

HA! Soooo, this is the layout I did for the current prompt at PINK NINJA'S! I just couldn't get this song out of my head when I was creating this lo. Y'all head on over, check it out and link us up to your fantabulous creations!!!

By the way... I created both of these layouts using the November kit 'Reflections' from TallyScrapper! Check out that tree. Totally fab, right?! That was made by the Ninja's very own Kris, aka: Inkster at Tally, just for this kit!!! So, if you would like one of your very own (and you know you do) you can get it at Tally.

Speaking of Tally, we have a few things going on over there y'all should come check out. Oh and pst... because tomorrow is Friday 13th... I'm having a little 'Good Luck' sale happening all day; and y'all are the first to know about it! Don't miss out, k?

Have a wonderful Fall day!


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Friday, October 9, 2009


Yea, you heard me! This is Cyber Crop Weekend at TallyScrapper!! O, I sooo hope you will join us. Do you like to play you like to win you like to chat with the you like to be challenged? We have so dang much going on that your head may spin. As long as you don't start spitting pea soup I won't worry about cha though.

I can't really talk about all that is going on this weekend without mentioning the OCTOBER KIT...HELLO!!! Do you see this lo? October kit. So, you want some cool vintagie Halloween stuff you say. Well, we got it! I firmly believe that you will keel over when you see it! Yea, it is THAT awesome! Saturday, somewhere around noon central this bad mama jama will go on sale. Don't miss out 'cause you'll kick yourself. Trust me. If you can't, let me say this, it was designed by PINKY. Nuff said!

So I think you need to grab your bestest buddy and join us at Tally! Carefull though, you just might get hooked!
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lucky Ninja

Here it is yall!! This is my first layout as an official Pink Ninja!! Woo Hoo!!! Yall need head on over there and check out all the funky cool layouts desinged by this amazing team! Then create your own ninja layout and show us what you came up with.

Changing the subject....
Computers drive me crazy! Ok, not all of them, just mine. I have been fighting with this stupid thing for the last two days. It just got lazy or something and decided to take a 36 hour nap! I know there has to be an explanation, but I dunno...It just wouldn't turn on. Thank God it woke up when it did, 'cause I have deadlines!

Ok, gotta go to work now. :)
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